The artworks presented here are examples of works created nearby or in the studio building in Melle, as well as one of his first large sculptures, which was cut and assembled in Bielefeld and now stands in his studio in Melle.
The building itself was restored a second time by Erich Engelbrecht in the early 1980s. During this time, he also created some works that are permanently associated with the building, such as the gable painting on the north façade or the figural framework.
In the mid-1980s, he also created the first outdoor sculptures erected in Melle, two of which are now on loan to guard the entrance to the sculpture park in Fougis. Another was sold and placed in a public park in Melle.

Steel Sculpture, The Queen of Heaven, Erich Engelbrecht, Melle
Gable paintwork, oil on oak cladding planks, Erich Engelbrecht, Melle
Figural Framework, wood, masonry and plaster, Erich Engelbrecht, Melle
Pietà 60, sculpture made of machine pieces welded together, Erich Engelbrecht, Bielefeld, Melle
The Queen of Heaven
Gable paintwork
Figural Framework (left side)
Pietà 60
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<b><i>The Queen of Heaven</i></b>
<b><i>Gable paintwork</i></b>
<b><i>Figural Framework</i> </b>(left&nbsp;side)
<b><i>Pietà 60</i></b>
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