Calendar for the summer 2014

Concert-rehearsal with ‘déjeneur sur l’herbe’.
Het Orkest Amsterdam – Orchestre d’Amsterdam
As part of his tour in Auvergne, the 75 musicians of the Amsterdam Orchestra – Het Orkest Amsterdam -, will be playing Antonín Dvorák’s Simphony nr. 9 ‘From the new world’ in the courtyard of the Château des Fougis.
From 10:00 onwards, the concert will be preceded by a rehearsal of some other works of their programme.
For those interested, the concert will be followed by a ‘déjeneur sur l’herbe’, with a menu prepared by the Orchestra’s private chef de cuisine.
For those interested, we’ll also accept inscriptions for a guided visit through the park of sculptures.
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‘Les Caprices de Marianne’ from Alfred de Musset
Theatre play organised by Lugdunum Théâtre and Alambic Créations.
A visit to the park is included in the price.
A Bar-Buffet will be open before and after the show.
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From Wednesday
the 13th
until sunday
the 17.8.14
7th edition of the International Festival of Music and dance, organised by the Association Albertine.
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Theatre ‘Le singulier trépas de Messire Ulenspiegel’, a farce from Michel de Ghelderode.
Theatre play organised by ‘Les Fous Masqués’
Admission with visit to the park from 18:00 o’clock.
Admission for the show from 20:30 to 21:00 o’clock.
A Bar-Buffet will be open after the show.
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Concert-Lecturein collaboration with the Association Modul’Artis
A cello in the trenches of 14-18, after Marcel Maréchal war books.
Cello: Gilles Sogny-Pautrat
Speakers: Lilyane Ducher-Grandjean and Patrice Ducher
(Break with Buffet)
Transsiberian voyage, from Blaise Cendrars.
Original composition for Cello Quartett.
Speaker: Alain Mossé
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