Erich Engelbrecht and his artworks have already been the subject of numerous articles in various publications. In this group, only those related exclusively to the artist and his work have been included. Waltraud Engelbrecht, who was already responsible for the foreword to the 1969 Bielefeld exhibition catalogue, is the best connoisseur of this work. During a visit to the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2016, her project for new editions on Erich Engelbrecht found overwhelming support after three days of numerous meetings and discussions with art publishers. The outcome can be found in the two most recent publications on Erich Engelbrecht brought out by Edition Axel Menges: the catalogue of the open-air exhibition at the park of the Château des Fougis and a monograph with a compilation of those works inventoried up to that point. This latter publication is complemented by a film about Erich Engelbrecht.
Both editions can be ordered from your bookshop or from publisher.

Erich Engelbrecht, Catalogue exhibition Kunsthalle Bielefeld
Erich Engelbrecht, Catalogue exhibition Galerin Bernheim-Jeune Paris
Erich Engelbrecht, Catalogue Sculpture Park, Chateau des Fougis
Erich Engelbrecht, Monography and Catalogue raisonné
Erich Engelbrecht – Bilder, Holzfiguren, Gobelins, Plastiken
Erich Engelbrecht – Sculptures • Tapisseries • Lithographies
Parc de sculptures Erich Engelbrecht, Château des FougisOPUS 84
Erich Engelbrecht – Introspektive Bilder / Introspective Images
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<b>Erich Engelbrecht – <i>Bilder, Holzfiguren, Gobelins, Plastiken</i></b>
<b>Erich Engelbrecht – <i>Sculptures • Tapisseries • Lithographies</i></b>
<b>Parc de sculptures Erich Engelbrecht, Château des Fougis<br><i>OPUS 84</i></b>
<b>Erich Engelbrecht – <i>Introspektive Bilder / Introspective Images</i></b>
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